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WebSite Design and Maintenance

JB Enterprises can design your company's website  --  large or small  --  and you'll find the cost very reasonable!  We can design and host a web site for your company for as little as $500 per year!

Web Design Options Include:

Systems Engineering, Information Technology and Technical Support

The engineering disciplines including analysis, modeling, and simulation are used to evaluate the existing or proposed business process and determine whether it represents the optimal means of accomplishing the objectives of the owner. The process is similar for projects ranging from a purchase of a single PC workstation to be used in the home ( and the needs of all of the occupants who will use the PC) to creating wired and wireless networks of local PC workstations sharing access to the internet. At the other end of the spectrum, the workstations can be located at multiple sites across the country and involve complex local and wide area networks.  Engineering Support consists of the continuing efforts to maintain and operate the process and keep it functioning smoothly.  After discussing your objectives with you, JB Enterprises will recommend the best hardware and software necessary to accomplish your goals.  JB Enterprises will acquire the hardware and configure the software necessary to help you make the most of your information technology investment..

Software and Internet Training

Although superior hardware, network infrastructure, and information technology is mission critical, JB Enterprises recognizes that the single most important resource in any organization is its human capital.  That's why JB Enterprises is happy to design instructional programs which will enable end users to work faster, smarter, and more productively.  JB Enterprise associates are expert at providing training in virtually every type of word and data processing, communications, internet, networking, and computer graphic applications.

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